How Is This Dog Bed Not Big Enough?

Easter weekend we brought a new family member home, Rolo.

Our new little guy joined our old girl Roxy and he has been a pure boxer puppy ever since. While house training was pretty easy, Rolo definitely is a handful in many other ways.

But even from his first few days he's been happy to sleep through the night in a dog bed. That dog bed however had to be one that Roxy was already sleeping in. He wants to be next to her all the time. Roxy of course does not.

We had a dog bed theoretically big enough for both of them but one would get up and move to the other bed we had out and if that was Roxy, Rolo would follow and try to cuddle up. Then Roxy would move back to the other bed. And so on until I feel the need to throttle both with my alarm clock as they sleep on my side of the bed.

My wife ordered a new dog bed that is orthopedic — to help poor Roxy out in her old age — and hopefully big enough that both dogs would be able to sleep in it without all the night time movements.

It came the other day and as you can see they both fit but it hasn't stopped the desire to relocate in the middle of the night.

Is there an even bigger bed out there? Courtney researched it and at 52 inches across this is one of the biggest on the market. I think we could go bigger though, especially as Rolo grows.

Please leave a comment if you know of any beds that might fit the bill!