First iPhone 6 Family Photos Look Great

The one thing the iPhone totally changed when it debuted was the ability to have a decent quality camera with you at all times.

I remember when I was a kid my grandfather always kept one of those weird Kodak, stick-like cameras in both of his cars just to make sure he wouldn’t miss a great moment. Now of course every parent and grandparent has a decent camera with them.

The new iPhone 6 has an upgraded lens and chip — I won't cover the specs because I really don't know how "improved" it is on paper — and after our annual apple-picking trip I can say the pictures do look significantly better than the iPhone 5.

For most major moments my wife and I will bring our actual camera with us, a nice Canon S100. But usually we are too lazy to pack it, or forget and are thankful to have a smartphone with us.

Here are the two images from the same trip taken minutes apart one with my new iPhone 6 and one with my wife’s iPhone 5.

And here's one more shot with the 6. Besides the text overlay in the first image these photos have not been adjusted in Photoshop in any way besides cropping and resizing.

I realize that other smartphones have great/better cameras than even the latest from Apple, but since I'm wedded to the Apple ecosystem that really doesn’t help me out. I'm just glad we get a little boost to our family photo collection.