Can I Make it 72 Hours Without Dropping My New iPhone6?

Yes, I got a new iPhone 6.

It's a very nice phone I don't really need to review in full. It has a bigger screen with much easier to read graphics that I seem to appreciate most as my eyes get older. The camera is better and it's slightly lighter. But it is big.

The real issue I have is that I ordered a case for it but it shipped yesterday so I probably won't get it until Monday.

Can I make it that long without dropping the phone? I drop my iPhone 5 at least once a day but have a nice sturdy case for it. It almost bounces off the floor when it drops.

The iPhone 6 is more awkward to hold in one hand too.

I definitely feel for that guy in Australia making the rounds of the interwebs dropping his phone on live TV. That could've been me.

So, I'll be crossing my fingers all weekend until the new case comes.

Wait. I'll probably need every bit of grip from all ten fingers so I’ll cross some toes instead.