How Much Fresh Wave Do You Need For Two Dogs, Two Kids, Two Cars and Two Home Cooks?

We started using Fresh Wave air freshener years ago. You know, the pricey stuff you only buy when you have a 20% coupon for Bed, Bath & Beyond. Luckily if you're like us you have a stack of these coupons stuffed in your car's door pocket at all times. I seriously think the only reason we go to that store is to stock up on Fresh Wave.

Over the years, my wife has even won a gift pack from the company and we were introduced to Fresh Wave's dog shampoo. I used it on Roxy for the first time earlier this year and am converted. Dog shampoo is expensive to begin with so there's no negative there and Roxy has never smelled so good or her fur so soft. Roxy got a bath with it recently too when the puppy started to stink.

We've also purchased their carpet freshener and the vacuum beads. So we're familiar with the fact that there are lots of Fresh Wave products out there, not just the standard gel.

But the folks at Fresh Wave have more! Yes, they sent me a bunch of stuff to test including their latest "Fresh Pod" product. It's a simple stick-on plastic case that can go on any door or surface and uses their Pearl Packs as refills.

I put the test pod in the only place I could think of, underneath the kitchen sink where we keep the trash. At first I didn't think it was really working that great but after a few days I went to throw something into what was a pretty full can and got a nice burst of that Fresh Wave fragrance. There was still some lingering onion odor in there, but it was barely noticeable. And I probably wouldn't have noticed it at all if I hadn’t stuck my head almost all the way under for a nose check.

I take these tests seriously.

A few car products came too, including a spray and a car air freshener version of the original Fresh Wave. That one was sized to fit in a cup holder but if most people are like me, a cup holder is too valuable a chunk of real estate to set aside for an air freshener.

I used the spray in my wife's 2010 Subaru Outback on all the seats, floors and car seats and I didn't notice much "freshener" smell afterward, and neither did my kids. Then my wife actually pointed out it is an odor "neutralizer." Ah. So I had to go back and try again with this thought in my head. I sprayed considerably more this go round and did notice a little Fresh Wave scent but maybe I just don't like something that doesn't smell one way or the other. I want that "clean" scent even if it is artificially produced.

A few days later, sitting on the couch in the family room with the kids asleep upstairs my wife commented on how she always thinks the house smells because we've moved to having two dogs. But she also pointed out the Fresh Waves in the room were empty.

Fresh Wave provided some of the products mentioned in the post above.