Jif Cereal is Basically Peanut Butter Cap'N Crunch and I Don't Care


You've got to love them. How else would saving $1.00 on a box of cereal get you to try a type you've never even heard of? But that's what happened on a recent trip to the store when I was handed a batch of coupons and instructions to pick up some cereal.

Now, my son loves peanut butter and even peanut butter cereal so going for something with the Jif name was not a hard sell, coupon or no.

A week or so later, after I "made" Carter finish the open box of Lucky Charms in our cupboard, I opened the box of Jif and poured the dry cereal into a bowl while I prepped the rest of breakfast.

Here's something I have to admit; while I prep breakfast sometimes I eat some of my kids' cereal. A puff here, a marshmallow there. I don't usually indulge in a full bowl so why can't I have a little taste of sugary goodness in the morning too?

Right away I could tell the Jif tasted familiar.

I couldn't quite place it at first. So of course I had to eat more off the top of my son's bowl. Then I placed it. This stuff is Cap'n Crunch Peanut Butter Crunch, as it is formally called.

Soon Carter sat down and started devouring the cereal – there really wasn't a doubt he wouldn't like it – and when I asked him for his thoughts he said, "MrphfGOODmrph," mouth still kind of full, while raising his left hand in the air with a thumb up. That's about as articulate as he gets when asked for feedback. And I won't get into me kind of forcing him to talk with his mouth full for my blog post.

A day or so later I was trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast quickly before leaving for work and decided to treat myself to said Jif. I did used to love Cap'N Crunch as a kid myself after all.

With milk the Jif dissolves almost exactly like Cap'N Crunch too. The biggest difference and positive for Jif is that the puffs aren't shaped like little footballs like Cap’N Crunch so the top of your mouth doesn't get the scraping that I remember with an odd fondness from my own childhood.