Should I Let My Kids Name Our New Dog?

My wife and I are having a slightly hard time figuring out a name for our new dog. The fawn boxer you see here is coming home to join our clan the day before Easter and we’re haven’t a heck of a time naming him.

One of the problems is that he is indeed a boy. We had already picked a pretty good girl name, Lucy, but when it came to pick out our new canine from the litter it was this guy who won me over.

Now we're stuck picking a name and the kids aren't helping.

The prevailing sentiment from my son is the name Dukey, named after the dog from the horrendous cartoon Johnny Test. My wife really likes the name, spelling it Dookie after the famed Green Day album.

I'm not too pleased with naming the little guy after poop myself.

We named our nine-year-old boxer Roxy which is the most common boxer name on earth. Duke would be the most common name for a boy that’s for sure.

On the drive back from picking him out I thought of Barney because the brown coat and black face remind me of an old cop show where the grizzled detective's only friend is a sad-faced dog. Hence, Barney Miller (not sure if he had a dog on the show but Jim Rockford wasn't going to work).

We also like/d How I Met Your Mother so he'd be a Barney Stinson too.

But my wife just associates the name Barney with the purple dinosaur.

Then she suggested Mookie, as in Mookie Blaylock. Pearl Jam's original name. That I like.

The kids don't get it though and are still split between Dookie and Barney. Which way do we go?

If we disregard the kids’ feelings on this – they're six and soon-to-be five – will it be a mistake since it will be their "childhood" dog?