DIY Beer Blind Taste Test: How To Prove You Know Nothing About Beer

I made a joke on Facebook earlier this month that all I would drink through October were Octoberfest brews and the next time I was at Binny's I picked up a few six packs because tis the season and all. I added a six-pack of Revolution's Octoberfest cans and Metropolitan's Afterburner to the New Glarus Staghorn I had brought home from a recent family outing to an apple orchard across state lines.

Then I thought, how often do I have three similar beer types in my house at the same time? I bet I could do a taste test. From drinking the three before I thought the New Glarus tasted the most Octoberfest-ey, the Revolution the least bitter and the Metropolitan had the least carbonation.

The idea of a blind taste test for some reason got the kids all excited even though they think beer is gross obviously. So it was a bit of before bedtime/pre-Blackhawks game excitement. Yes, we're this boring it seems.

I set up three small glasses and wrote the names underneath the glasses and then again in front. I turned my back and had Courtney pour the beers so I couldn't see the color difference and then she mixed the glasses around. We made sure the kids weren't watching because they would tell me which was which if they had half the chance to ruin this for me.

After a few sips of each I was stumped. They all tasted the same to me. There was no discernable difference in bitterness, carbonation or color, not that I had poured any out of their bottles the first time around anyway.

Not-so-shockingly I picked all three dead wrong.

There goes my future career as a brew master.