Kenmore 700 Elite Series Review Update: Steaks, Chicken and Pork Tenderloin

A month or so back I wrote a pretty thorough review of the beautiful grill Kenmore sent me to test out. Don’t think in all that time I haven't been grilling as much as possible and I have some updates.

On the positive side, the grill itself has turned out some terrific meals. I love to grill barbecue chicken and I've delivered two rounds with near perfection.

But on the negative side I still can’t quite get the hang of the searing burner.

In one instance it did save a Hawaiin-themed pork roast (above) that was taking too long to cook in the oven. That turned out so well I did a barbecue version of another, thinner, tenderloin (below). I used some new smoked salt that gave it a nice flavor as if it came off a smoker and it turned out amazingly well. I seared it on all sides and then finished the cooking on the main grill.

Steaks however…steaks are still a problem on the sear burner. I just can't get the grill marks right. Instead I've just gotten the main grill very hot and using it like I would traditionally. Also, I realize my old grill got hotter much faster than the Kenmore. I'm guessing it is the sheer size of the new grill but it does take a good ten minutes or so to get it ready.

A couple of New York strips (above) had to go from the sear burner to the main grill because they were grilling unevenly. It could have been the wind impacting that. I also did a top sirloin steak with no wind and again had to abandon the sear burner. The steaks all turned out fine in the end but I don't see much everyday use for the sear burner.

Any suggestions out there?

As mentioned above, Kenmore provided the grill for review in these stories.