What I Did During My Kids' Summer Vacation

My son starts kindergarten this week so my kids are officially "growing up before my very eyes."

Of course I don't get a summer vacation like they do, and for the most part they spent the summer in a similar routine to their daily daycare with a bit of camp activities thrown in.

Scrolling back through my photostream it sunk in that I did quite a bit with the family and on my own this summer. Here's a recap:

  • Took the kids to the Hancock Building for the first time along with a water taxi trip...with my parents in tow.
  • Celebrated my daughters 4th birthday.

  • Watched the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Championship Parade speed by me at 40 mph.
  • Saw 'Man of Steel.' The only movie I've seen in a theater in all of 2013.
  • Celebrated my company's 15th anniversary.

  • Took Carter and Evie to golf lessons for the first time.

  • Watched Evie try to demolish a piñata at a friend's birthday party.
  • Attended a lot more birthday parties.
  • I bought my first bike in 20 years.
  • 4th of July consisted of our first Mount Prospect parade and then the carnival afterwards.

  • The family met me downtown one afternoon and we walked to the Bean and Crown Fountain. The first time my wife and I let alone the kids had ever been there.

  • Chauffeured the children in the Mustang GT. Evie's first ride in a convertible.

  • My wife managed to score tickets for a Queens of the Stone Age show at the Metro. It was epic.
  • Spent a restful week in Tahoe at my brother-in-law's new cabin there. I drank a lot of good beer and wine. It was splendid.
  • I drank a lot of Lienenkugel's Summer and Orange Shandy in my backyard.
  • Got hooked on Total Divas on E!
  • Grew tons of tomatoes, jalapeños and mint, but not much else in our garden.
  • Took my son to meet his kindergarten teacher.