A $6 Alternative to Cooled Car Seats

Testing new cars for a living you get exposed to all the advanced technology various automakers are cramming into their wares. For the past few years cooled car seats have become a trend that in theory someone would welcome into their vehicle.

Cars from Infiniti to Mercedes-Benz have them and even recently more downscale cars like the Kia Optima has the feature. In an Infiniti M37 these seats are part of a $4,200 package.

In practice when you turn on most cooled seats the sensation isn’t quite what you'd expect. You get a slight tingling sensation, like cold pinpricks, on your bottom and thighs. I rarely if ever notice the seatback actually getting cold.

They're rarely worth the money.

That's why when I tried the new Gold Bond "No Mess Powder" spray I thought it was a terrific alternative.

I'm testing it out on a hot summer day so why wouldn't you shoot a little down the backside of your boxers as you get ready in the morning?

The menthol or medicating power or whatever is in the darn stuff to keep you from sweating your…uh…from getting uncomfortable, generates a tingling feeling on your rear that reminds me of those cooling seats. It lasts about 10-15 minutes too. So if you have a short commute this is your solution on a hot day.