SweatShield Undershirts: Review

I've blogged about undershirts and personal grooming. I guess it was just a matter of time before the two joined into one post about just why I go through so many undershirts and why I test out so much anti-persperant.

I sweat a lot.

I'm not one of those huge people puffing out of breath after walking a flight of steps with a patch of sweat running down the back of their shirt.

No, I just get some sweat stains under my pits, which doesn't look great on a dress shirt at work.

A good anti-persperent will get me through most of the day but there are always times when I just start sweating whether it's because of a stressful day, office temperature never matching mother-nature, running between meetings, you get the idea.

I heard of some sweat-proof undershirts on a site I discovered called The Undershirt Guy. I read some reviews for a brand called SweatShield and placed an order online. An order for five shirts for $100 including shipping.

It seems this company is run by an American out of China where the costs to create these shirts is low. They arrived fairly quickly too considering the international transport.

Five shirts should get me through a work week especially since I work from home one day a week and don’t mind sweating through a casual shirt at my home desk/dining room table.

These shirts are weird though. They have a large section underneath the armpit that is a thick pad versus the rest of the shirt that is a thinner, stretchy fabric. Yes, it's kind of like having a maxi-pad under each arm. But once I got used to it after a day or two they felt completely natural. I also liked how the stretchy fabric of the rest of the shirt was form fitting and didn't bunch up around my waist. Bunching often makes the gut I've been desperately trying to work off for the past year look like it has a few extra inches than it really does.

I've been wearing these shirts for the better part of three months now and can report they hold up in all situations without a drop of sweat causing a stain on my shirts.

I've worn them with suits and under a dress shirt/sweater combo and no sweat escapes those pockets.

They do require hang drying but all of the shirts seem to have held up well. They're certainly looking better in terms of color – staying bright white – and collar shape better than my standard Jockey Stay Cool’s which cost about $10 a piece themselves.

I have to admit this post got lost in "editing" and it's now been closer to six months since I began writing it. The original five shirts are still in rotation but the collars have started to warp a little and the color isn’t sharp bright either. But neither is noticeable enough where I don't where them.

I just returned from a trip to the Utah dessert where I spent two nights at work dinners and wore the shirts under button down shirt and long-sleeve shirts. Even in 100+ temps they held up.

Now that summer is here it might be time for me to fully commit and buy another set. My wife has already sworn I need to do my own wash with all the "delicates" I have anyway.