I Fear For My Daughter's Future

My wife and I are going to start detailing the truly bizarre, frightening and disturbing things our kids routinely spit out like a bad Skittle on a daily basis.

Yesterday, in the car, my wife asked the kids if they were excited about football starting because it was mentioned on the radio. My daughter's response:

Evie: I want to be a cheerleader.

Mom: For the Bears? Or the Dolphins?

Evie: I don't want to be a football cheerleader I want to be a hockey cheerleader.

Mom: Well, they don't have cheerleaders in hockey. The Blackhawks have ice girls.

Evie: I want to be one of them.

Mom: OK well we'll wait until closer to Halloween and see if you still want to dress up as one.

Evie: No, I want to be one when I grow up.

Next, how my son is remembering web addresses from television commercials…verbatim…with "slashes."