Disney Mobile Team Plea From My Son

Yes...we're the type of parents that let our children play games on the family iPad. Yes...both kids 4 and 5 have their own iPod Touch to travel with. And yes, my son Carter is as adept at some of the games as I am. I still have no clue how Bad Piggies even works.

Carter's most recent favorite is Where's My Perry and the sequel Where's My Summer starting Phineas and Ferb characters.

But after he's cleared all the free levels he wants to purchase the upgrades. One issue. The upgrade on Where's My Summer doesn't work. It takes you to the full version of Where's My Perry which we already have.

Usually you just have to wait for a developer team to update their apps when they feel like it. But we decided to create some videotape guilt to maybe move things along.

As a bonus here's a video of Carter doing some weird impersonation of Daft Punk or some other DJ shot a few minutes after the Disney plea. He got that headlamp a few days ago as a gift. Note, he's never seen any footage of Daft Punk et al.