A Second Dog Makes The Kids Appreciate The One They Have

My wife and I have been discussing our next dog for what seems like years. Roxy, our boxer, is getting up there in age for her breed and we want to plan for her eventual…replacement. Our main thinking is to get a puppy that she can help raise and hopefully will keep her energized.

Then out of nowhere Courtney was contacted about taking in an 11-month-old boxer. The girl looked just like Roxy and we agreed to give it a try even though female boxers often don't get along.

Our kids have never been "into" Roxy. She was four when Carter was brought home and has been exceptionally mellow around both of them as they've grown up. The kids though treat her like she's a mild annoyance when she wants to give them a kiss etc.

That's why we were pretty shocked when both of them went wild for this second boxer. They wanted to pet her and play with her even though she was almost a carbon copy of Roxy.

Of course, they didn't like how much the new girl liked to kiss them so Daddy was subjected to tongue bath after tongue bath.

In the end the two dogs didn't warm up enough to stay together and we found a very good home for the other girl.

The biggest surprise of the whole experience was how the kids treated Roxy afterwards.

Carter is always looking to pet her or kiss her when we're leaving the house or going to bed. He never did that before. Both kids want to help feed her and both are just more affectionate towards her overall.

So even though we didn't get a new dog the "tryout" had a wonderful impact on our children and hopefully Roxy likes her newfound attention too.