Ten Reasons I Still Love Superman

I may have to sneak out one night after the kids are in bed to go see the new Superman movie leaving the wife alone to catch up on the Khardasians or some such crap. For some reason I am absolutely geeked about this reboot unlike anything since "Batman the Dark Knight".

When it comes to comic books I was always more of a Marvel fan, but growing up the first two Superman movies were watched as often on VHS as the Star Wars trilogy.

Here are ten reasons why I think I still love the guy with the big S on his chest. Even if I’m now told it isn’t an S.

  1. As a boy growing up with a copy of the very short “Great Jews in Sports” book on the shelf, knowing that Superman was created by two Jews and given jet black hair to counter the Nazi vision of a blonde super race made me proud. Still does.
  2. Superman can use his X-Ray vision to see through women’s clothes.
  3. He doesn’t need to use X-Ray vision because women fall all over him.
  4. For above see Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, Erica Durance from “Smallville” and obviously Teri Hatcher from the “Lois & Clark” days.
  5. Also, he gets it on with Wonder Woman in the comics.
  6. His arch-nemesis has one stand-out feature besides being evil, he’s bald. Lex Luthor has no super powers whatsoever. Just a lust for power, no hair, a thing for suits and he still is able to pester the heck out of the mightiest being on the planet.
  7. “Smallville” was on the air for ten years proving that even after every non-caped plotline was explored people would still watch a show about Clark Kent.
  8. Terence Stamp as Zod is one of the greatest movie villains of all time. Him, Darth Vader and that’s it.
  9. Superman shaves using his heat vision. That is a super power I truly wish I had.
  10. Christopher Reeve RIP