How Much of Your Kids' Stuff Do You Use?

One thing I feel a bit guilty about as a parent revolves around my kids' toys and cartoons. I genuinely enjoy playing and watching them along with my children, especially all the Legos and cartoons my son likes because it reminds me of my own childhood.

Then there's the food which I admit to picking over once the kids are done with meals. Leftover chicken nugget? Can't let that go to waste. I hadn't eaten a chicken nugget in ten years at least before Carter came along. Now I'll down two without a second thought.

But then there are the odds and ends that go along with kids that I'm surprised I find myself using. Take Band-Aids.

They've come a long way since I was getting scrapes and bruises on the playground.

The coolest are these "tattoo" like strips that are hexagon shaped. They stick on super tight all the way around the gauze so it doesn’t get exposed to air and dirt.

I got a cut on the tip of my index finger the other day and dug up a Spider-Man one that completely wrapped around the cut and my finger. This was a huge help for typing. Plus I felt like every time I hit the t, g, f, v, c or r keys Peter Parker was busting some bad grammar.