Dad Essential: The Grey Hooded Sweatshirt

Dad fashion boils down to two categories:

  • What you wear to work

  • What you don't give a shit gets dirty

Sure, maybe you have some clothes you save for special occasions or date night, but for the most part it's whatever is comfortable for taking the kids to the park or store where other parents might still see you.

So that means you can't quite look like a total slob.

One problem I always have is wearing something that gets too hot when chasing my kids around. I usually skip a layer like a jacket if I'm at the park. Then when I cook or have to give them a bath I take off the sweatshirt and just go with the T-Shirt.

That's why the zip-up hooded sweatshirt, annoyingly called a hoodie, is the most essential of all dad apparel.

I have a cheap one you see here from Target that I think cost less than $10 on sale and is worn all the time.

I also own a nice, black Pearl Jam hoodie from a show in 2010.

My company even gave employees a very softly lined grey hoodie around our commercial airing during the Super Bowl. I'm not sure if three is a lot of hoodies to own or about average but having a spare is always a wise investment.

The best thing about the heather grey ones is they can go over any t-shirt color and match any baseball cap color too.

I also like having pockets on a sweatshirt. Those are essential.

And a bonus to them being cheap is the fact you really don’t care if your daughter needs to wipe her nose on the sleeve when you’re at the park and forgot tissues.