Costco Milk Jugs Are the Worst Things On Earth

Costco is one of the most glorious places to shop. They have food and liquor in bulk, high quality meats, cheap video games and sometimes you get a pair of jeans or a sweatshirt because they're a "deal."

Plus, you can keep your kids happy with all the free food samples and/or cheap churros.

But one thing Costco has all wrong is its milk jug design.

When the jug is first opened or mostly full it is almost impossible to pour without spilling. It's also a hardship to pour the proper amount of milk for little kids' cups so they're not so full that my kids then spill them at the table.

I did some digging on Google and found this story that suggested we tip and pour the jugs but even that led to milk all over the counter.

One reason we get milk at Costco instead of the grocery store is because it is hormone free while the local Mariano's doesn’t generally carry the gallon size of non-organic yet hormone free milk. That's a story for another day.

Oh, and I didn't realize until a coworker pointed it out but the Costco milk jug is still just a gallon, the same as you get at the grocery. Why grocery stores haven't been forced to use the same package that supposedly saves dairies tons of money is another good question.

My guess is Costco could alter the existing design very minimally and solve the pouring issue. At least that's the conspiracy I'm cursing to myself when I'm wiping up milk at 6:30 a.m.