Is Anyone Else Watching Banshee?

In my quest of getting the most good TV out of my limited free time I've given up on some mediocre shows over the years like Bones, Person of Interest and others of their ilk.

I watch a few shows like Justified and Game of Thrones as soon as I can get the DVR spooled up after they air.

A new show I've been hooked on using DirecTV’s iPad app is Banshee on Cinemax. For some reason it didn't work on the Cinemax app.

It's an interesting premise where a former jewel thief who toughens up into a badass after 15 years in prison is set free and through a matter of strange circumstances takes over the identity of a new town sheriff in Banshee, Pennsylvania.

The show mixes violence, sex and the Amish all into one very addictive show.

Sometimes the main character’s short temper annoys me as a viewer because it borders on the ridiculous. If he's trying to keep his cover he's not acting that way. But the way he blurs the line between what a good guy is supposed to do on TV with a bad guy’s attitude is pretty impressive.

Some of the episodes are so intense my heart is pounding at the end. The lead actor also reminds me a bit of Andy Whitfield from Spartacus. The women of Banshee all swoon over him between his looks and penchant for beating the crap out of criminals.

The rest of the cast is also quite good from the slightly annoying love interest to the no-longer-devout Amish crime lord and the master forger and partner of the Sheriff who also happens to be an Asian drag queen. But a drag queen that can kick your ass if you give him lip.

I hope the show gets a larger following so it doesn’t go off the air. I've found it more interesting than the Cinemax attempt at espionage, Strike Back and I fell out of "like" with HBO's Newsroom.