Evie Explains Wendy's Baconator

It was a pretty laid back Sunday watching the IU – Michigan game on TV, kids half paying attention, half playing with toys.

Then my soon-to-be four-year-old daughter Evie saddled up to me on the couch to explain the commercial that just aired.

Evie: That burger has no grown-up stuff on it Daddy.

Me: What do you mean? No lettuce and tomato?

Evie: Right. It's just burger, cheese and meat (the bacon).

Me: That's actually exactly what it is honey.

Evie: And it's from your favorite restaurant!

Wendy's is not actually my favorite restaurant but going on two years ago my wife told the kids that when we drove by a Wendy's sign and it’s stuck ever since. I will never escape the "other" Dave Thomas it seems.

I'm still impressed with Evie breaking down the obscenity that is the Baconator though.

FYI: The Baconator is 970 calories with 63 grams of fat. That's not a lot more calories than some of the best local-chain burgers I’ve tested, but a lot more fat.

*Not really the actual size.