Cinnamon Jacks: Dad Review

We try to keep the kids' exposure to sugary cereals at a minimum. A bowl of Apple Jacks or Cinnamon Toast Crunch once a week is about it. But... We also remember our own childhood exposure to sweet cereals fondly so how could we deny the same to our children?

That's why when the kids saw a commercial for a new cereal called Cinnamon Jacks and went bonkers over it we tried to track it down. Our regular grocery store hadn't begun stocking it yet so I picked up a box on one of my many runs to Wal-Mart.

We're not big fans of Wal-Mart but it's less than a mile from our house and most stuff there is relatively affordable.

We made a big deal out of the first tasting one morning. Carter and Evie each got their own small bowls filled with the cereal shaped like toy jacks. Of course I don't think my children have ever played with real jacks.

I also poured a sizable bowl for myself... To test of course.

The kids loved it. Shocker.

I thought it was pretty sweet but not sugary like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The puffed cereal sort of disintegrates in your mouth turning into a tasty mush. It crunches lightly and holds up to the milk longer than I thought it would, approximately 90 seconds or so.

I'm not sure how long the kids will stay fascinated by Cinnamon Jacks. We made it a special treat when my wife and I went out of town for two nights so the grandparents has an easy sell for at least one meal.

Still, I don't know if Cinnamon Jacks will have the multi-generational longevity of Apple Jacks or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.