Who Knew The Difference a New Aerator Would Make

I'm one of the least handy dads around it seems. My neighbor with two young daughters is a contractor. Another dad I ran into at a birthday party said he could repair just about anything.

Last month I wanted a medal for replacing the innards of the upstairs toilet. And to be honest with you I was only 75% sure I was going to pull it off in the first place.

A few weeks ago I noticed the water wasn't coming out so great from the kitchen faucet. I unscrewed the aerator, flushed it out and screwed it back on. Then the water came out even weaker.

My wife was not happy. It took me another two weeks to get to a hardware store and buy a new $3 aerator. I should say it took me two weeks to go to a store with the old one in hand to make sure I bought the right replacement part.

I was shocked when I got home and put it on the faucet.

Water shot out at before unseen pressure levels from any of our faucets. I always thought we just had bad water pressure but now I'm thinking of replacing all of the shower heads and aerators.

Who knew? Ok maybe those handy dads did. I'm going to go wash some dishes now and feel proud and stuff.