KCCO Black Lager: Review

There is a website that is known to many yet remains a mystery to others. The Chive is a bizarre place where you can get your fix of cute animal photos, funny photobombs, people acting badly and breathtaking scenery shots all mixed in with a bit of T&A. OK, a LOT of T&A.

Yeah, it's that last part that makes it unique. There's no actual nudity, likely why the site isn't blocked at most places of work (though I'd call it NSFW), government institutions and military bases. It's sort of genius.

On the side, the site has made what I can only guess is a fortune on merchandising with t-shirts, mugs you name it. Most emblazoned with the phrase "Keep Calm and Chive On" in that British wartime layout that has become so common these days.

It seems the site's first alcoholic foray is a "black lager" and wouldn't you know it they are stocking it at my local Binny's in suburban Chicago. Sure, I'd try a six-pack of the stuff at a somewhat pricey $9.99.

The brew is a joint effort with Resignation Brewery and Red Hook, hence it being so well stocked at my liquor store most likely. It appears like there are a few more beers in the pipeline from KCCO too.

I like a dark beer from time to time, especially as the weather gets colder. Black IPAs are good. Guinness is dark beer right? Well this black lager kind of tastes like a cross between the two if you can believe it. [Note: I'm not a craft brew expert so you get layman's terms here folks]

I hadn't had a black lager before unless it happened to be called something else. And while I found the finish a tad sweet I did like one thing, the alcohol content didn't knock you on your ass like an Imperial IPAs. At 5.1% alcohol content you can knock back more than a few of these and still function well enough to not end up in a "So You Got Wasted" photo gallery.