Legends of Chima: It's No Ninjago

Saturday night is often movie night in our house where we take early baths, get in PJs and hunker down in the family room for a movie. Well, the kids do that...

This week we saved the DVR debut of Legends of Chima, the new Lego based cartoon "brought to you by the creators of Ninjago!"

The opening sequence was a bit scary but showed off amazing graphics.

The premise though seems pretty thin. There are warring tribes of animals: Lions versus Crocodiles for example. And they use a magical substance to fight. Some of the references to these magic orbs made the evil crocodile sound like a bit of a drug addict however.

Ninjago began with a pretty simple concept of saving the world from evil that made you watch each episode. Chima doesn't seem to have that clear of a purpose.

You also have to learn and follow a lot more characters and I'm guessing as the show moves along more animals will be introduced.

The kids were split on it. I could tell they were a bit overwhelmed at first. I mean if I can't remember the names how can they? But they'll probably watch these episodes five more times before the next one airs.

I asked Carter which show he liked better and it was an easy answer that Ninjago was better. Evie was much less impressed with Chima but the opening battle scene was so violent I can understand where her hesitation comes from. There were also a few "Lion King/Nemo" moments where I was sure more than one of the characters' parents was going to bite the dust.

Carter isn't really old enough to play with most of the Ninjago Legos but he has one small set he put together pretty easily. The Chima sets look much more complex and there aren't many small ones...meaning affordable. I counted two sets on sale under $25. Although the little animal/people minifigs look pretty cool.

I'm not quite sure why they don't make an Avengers Lego TV show since most of the superhero cartoons are too mature for younger kids.

I'm sure we'll keep watching Chima but a second season debut of Ninjago will likely be a much more exciting movie night.