Best Thing About The iPhone 5? My Kids Don't Know I Have a New Phone

I've spent the weekend with the new iPhone 5 and there's a lot to like about it but there's one crystal clear takeaway from two days of heavy use around the's hard to tell I have a new phone.

My kids who are as tech savvy as any -- they each have iPod touches we break out for trips or dinners out and use the iPad regularly -- have no clue theres anything different about daddy's phone. I've taken their pictures, shot video, Carter asked what new game I was playing while he was watching the same Jake Saves Bucky special for the fifth time this week. Nada.

And for me that's generally how I feel too. I keep picking it up thinking I've got this new plaything but I don't have much new to play with. That's not to say the iPhone is bad though. Here are a few more things I like about the latest buzz worthy gadget... besides the fact my kids aren't bugging me to play with it.

1. It's fast
Whether its surfing the net on Verizon LTE or wifi, launching apps, downloading music, opening the camera from the lock screen, the 5 is worlds faster than my old 4.

2. Better battery
The battery life seems about 20% better in my daily use but even more significant is how fast it charges. I go from a 30% charge to 90%+ in well under an hour plugged into my computer's USB.

3. Fits great in my pocket
I don't want a huge phone with the biggest screen because it will need to fit in my jeans with a wad of crumpled singles, receipts and the occasional Dum Dum. This phone is slightly taller but being lighter and thinner and NOT wider is great.

4. Verizon kicks AT&T's ass
I went from AT&T to Verizon because that was what was offered from my company. I've been with AT&T for nearly ten years and I'm never going back. LTE reception works great all over my house -- we had to get a microcell to get our phones to work when we moved in a few years ago -- and even works in spots I could never get access like the local library. As soon as the iPhone 5 is back in stock I'm switching my wife's plan over. It's also cheaper than AT&T.

And thats about it. It's still too soon to know if the photos are that much better or turn by turn directions are useful. But as an upgrade to what I had I'm really happy.