Halftone iPhone App: Dad Review

There are so many photo apps out there it’s hard to really wrap your head around which ones should get prominent real estate on your phone or filed away into a “Photography” folder.

I don’t use Instagram for family updates so having an app that stylizes family photos is an essential. For Instagram type effects I use Infinicam, which is quite good.

I found out about Halftone from standing in line at Starbucks as it was a free App for the week. It takes your iPhone photos and turns them into comic book panel artwork.

There are a number of steps with the first being a photo editor with functions like cropping and lighting. Then you alter the comic book effects like type, thought or word balloons and fun add-ons from “Bam!” to lightning bolts. There are also variations on the type of “paper” or border around the panel.

The final product looks polished and is a fun way to update your Facebook feed for your friends and family. Of course if all your friends use Halftone in the same way your feed may look a little silly. But until they catch on you’re going to look like the dedicated dad showing off family photos. Just don’t let on that it’s not really a chore.

I’ve also been thinking it might be an easy way to do quick reviews of products here on DadTherapy. Here is one example and another sample from our recent vacation. Let me know what you think. This could cut down on publishing time and lead to more frequent updates.