Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro: A Review, Really

This review is going to go places no review should go.

Seriously. Who reviews a body hair groomer?

Well, it looks like that would be me. I'm just going to say now there will be no "as-tested" images here. Nada. No way.

How did we get here? Well remember the Norelco shaver I tested before the holidays? Yeah, I went electric for a few months and it was a pretty good shave. But it turned out to be more trouble than it was worth and I went back to a traditional razor.

The body grooming choice isn't as significant as what you use on your face every day. For most guys they've probably used some sort of beard trimmer or hair clipper to "manscape" long ago. It's not a hard thing to figure out.

But it seems Norelco thinks there is another level to take grooming to and sent me a Bodygroom Pro to test out. Yes, that's the name. And yes this is the marketing material that came with it.

Subtle no?

My wife nearly laughed out loud at that one.

But if you're a hairy guy this is something you genuinely have to think about whether you decide to go au natural or trim using some sort of device.

It's also a substantial piece of machinery. It has a nice weight and is easy to grip. It's waterproof too so you can do your trimming in the shower. It goes for...sigh...$69 but since most trimmers are $30 to $40 I don’t think the price is obscene.

What else does the Bodygroom Pro offer that a beard or hair trimmer wouldn't? It has an electric trimmer like regular trimmers so you can cull the forest on your chest just like always.

The other side of the device though has a true electric shaver like you would use on your face, with a foil. This is what you use to make everything genuinely smooth.

I had enlisted the wife to help with some spots under the neck and a few other spots on the back that are unsightly and it worked well…once she figured out that the foil needed to be pressed against the skin to truly shave smooth.

I was ready to be seen at the water park now it seems. I'm not sure why Phillips Norelco is targeting dad bloggers like myself since I would think young, single guys are more narcissistic. But when you think of all the swimming you have to do in the summer with the kids the thought of being that "hairy dad" could get you ordering one of these.

I also did a quick groom of the chest and underarms with the trimmer. The only thing I've ever learned from "Keeping Up With The Khardasians" was that you should trim your underarm hair. Thanks Chris Humphries and Scott Disick!

Then there's that unspoken question of the marketing materials…the undiscovered country. All I'm going to say about that is for guys there is likely some real hesitation to use a traditional razor somewhere that is very uh...sensitive. In that way the Bodygroom Pro is a very good alternative.

Yeah…so…that was awkward.

No, I'm OK talking about the bodygrooming, I just can't believe I admitted to watching the Khardasians.

*Philips Norelco sent me a BodyGroom Pro to test for this article.