My Kids Might Celebrate Every Holiday

You don't get married to someone from another faith without being prepared to celebrate a lot of holidays. I grew up with both Christian and Jewish grandparents myself so raising my kids Catholic and Jewish I didn't see as being a big deal, especially since neither my wife nor I are that religious. We've never attended regular services of either faith in the ten years we've lived together.

But then all of a sudden it hit me in the face as clear as a green “Kiss Me I’m Irish” 5T t-shirt from Old Navy.

My kids are going to celebrate every holiday out there.

So you’ve got the big Christian holidays that’s a given. Christmas and Easter.

The big Jewish holidays, like Passover, Yom Kippur and Chanukah.

But of course my wife’s half Irish so St. Patrick's Day is in the mix, a day I barely noticed come and go growing up in South Florida. In Chicago, it’s a bit of a bigger deal.

I knew there was a green sloganed shirt in each kids' closet but for Carter somehow we had three.

At least they don’t think they're getting presents for St. Patrick's Day. I hope not because I haven’t done any shopping and don’t plan to.

They do know they get something for Easter and there's a bunny involved and candy etc. There's also the inevitable photo with the Easter Bunny, which in the past goes about as well as photos with Santa.

I enjoy all the holidays in terms of living vicariously through my kids and seeing their sheer joy about getting goodies on specific days throughout the year — wait til they start having to go to synagogue…payback.

I do not enjoy the heap of recycling that builds on the morning of all these holidays and birthdays. But I've learned to stop being a curmudgeon and enjoy the ride.

I believe drinking beer is a requirement on St. Patrick's Day right? So I’m in.