Four Years in Cars: Happy Birthday Carter

Carter turns four tomorrow.

This blows my mind. It's not like 4 is a big number, but the kid is so excited about the birthday and everything we're doing to celebrate that it amplifies my own excitement about it.

For me, the date means I’m no longer a “new” dad. I've helped feed, dress, potty train, teach, entertain, put to bed, nurse and chauffeur him for four years. The newness has worn off. But because of that, there is considerably more awe as I look back at all the pictures we've taken of Carter since that February morning in 2008.

I obviously wasn't going to blitz the interwebs with the mundane cuteness my family enjoys in all these photos, instead I decided to put together a photo gallery of Carter growing up in the cars I test drive for work you can check out here.

He's been my co-pilot in dozens if not hundreds of cars the past four years.

He's had five different car seats.

He's gone from rear to front-facing.

And he's gotten rides in some of the most luxurious and cool cars out there including:

Porsche Panamera, BMW 650 convertible (above), M3, Rolls Royce Ghost, BMW 750, Mercedes-Benz CL550, CLS63 AMG, Infiniti M56, Nissan GT-R, Ford Mustang Boss 302, Audi A8 and too many more to recollect. The group mentioned here is worth well over $1 million. I think Carter only liked teh GT-R and 650 vert though.

I still have to dig up my favorite with him in his infant seat in a BMW M3. It was then that I realized being a dad didn’t mean I couldn’t test cool cars. I just have to slow down because now Carter tells me “Dad, you’re going too fast. The police are going to pull you over.”