As Handy As I Get

In our house there is an ongoing joke that I may not be the handiest of dads in the neighborhood.

I can maybe fix a loose door, broken toilet or hang a picture or mirror but I'm not doing any renovations.

But sometimes I can fix something other dads wouldn't think of. For our family vacation the kids needed a splitter for two sets of headphones so they could watch the same show on our only, and original, iPad.

One problem.

The extremely rugged Otter case I recently got for it had a very small and very square opening to plug in earphones. The splitter is old-school, Radio Shack thick plastic. What to do.

I got out the cutting board and my trusty box cutter and started shaving. A few strategic cuts at just the end of the plug and my splitter was now Otter friendly.

These are my small victories.