What a waste: Learning to throw out food

There are a few things you realize about parenthood after your kids have made it to pre-school age. Like how good Mac n Cheese tastes and how easy it is to get talked into buying a toy.

But the one that gets me nearly every day is just how much food we throw out. My wife has always made sure we get a variety of food in front if the kids so they have healthy stuff to choose from. But kids are kids and they rarely eat everything.

Then there's how hungry the kids might be. They never eat the same amount of food at every meal. The second you think they eat four chicken nuggets at dinner they decide to eat two. And heaven forbid if you cook three nuggets each and they want a fourth.

There are a few options. If there's enough food left over you pack it up for the next day. But what do you do with sliced fruit the kids' hands have grasped but did not eat? Or the line leftover nugget or slice of pizza? Well, as dad and dishwasher eating the leftovers is always an option. Otherwise, it's into the disposal.

I hate seeing the food in the sink. It reminds me of all those times my mother said there were "starving kids in China."

That line doesn't work on my kids.