My Kids Revolutionize Car Review Ratings

Carting the Thomas clan around in a test car has just become part of our daily lives over the years. I install the child safety seats, make sure the kids have their water bottles and we're off to weekend errand running, birthday parties what have you.

Getting the kids to weigh in on the experience isn't easy. The best I usually get is an affirmative if they like it or not. Mostly I get complaints.

A few weeks back I explained to Carter what giving a "thumbs up" meant. He and his sister figured it out pretty quickly but he mostly uses it when he's upset with me. He looks my way after I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, scowls and silently lifts his arm and gives the thumbs down.

Great work Daddy-O.

In my last test car, the family friendly Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, both kids gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up, shown above.

They aren't that picky though. I thought the crossover excelled at easy car seat installation, rear seat folding and having rear cup holders the kids could reach from their car seats.

There wasn't a ton of room between kiddie feet and adult seat backs though.

But at least the Santa Fe Sport didn't get the scowl and thumbs down. I wonder if I can spend less time crafting my reviews and just raise or lower a thumb.