Under Armour Spine Running Shoes: Amateur Gym Rat Review

I’ve only been hitting the gym regularly again since last January. I’ve been going twice a week and generally run on the treadmill and lift weights and one other day try to shoot hoops or some other light activity. But I’ve had a tough time finding the right shoes for my workout.

I used to like a cross-trainer but no one really makes a good one anymore. You’re either stuck getting a too-flimsy running shoe or a too-clunky trainer.

I’ve tried my Adidas running shoes I wear as a casual sneaker and they didn’t offer enough support for the pounding on the treadmill. Then I bought a pair of Nike trainers and they just feel gigantic when running but great in the weight room.

My wife heard about these new Under Armour shoes in one of the many magazines she reads and I thought I’d check them out the next time I was at Sports Authority.

They were easy enough to find but there were none in my size in a decent color. Then I discovered no one really had them online either. So I hunted them down at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The cost was high – at least to me – at $99 but these are some terrific shoes.

The goldilocks comparison is apt here where they aren’t too flimsy while feeling substantial when bracing for weights.

I ended up with the simple black color scheme because the other option was a bit too bright for my tastes.

I’ve been wearing them twice a week for about two months now and they’ve held up well.

Hopefully they last some time at that price but even if I need a new pair by the end of the year I’m happy enough with them to plunk down another $99.