Entering the Lego Phase

There are all sorts of milestones to mark your child’s maturation process.


Potty training.

Learning about cars.

And this week my son Carter has hit a new phase, Legos.

We’ve had a big box of spare Lego blocks since last Christmas but we haven’t had any minifigs or sets…until now.

After a sleepover at Nana and Grampy’s house Carter came home with a new toy from the toy store. It was a small Lego set of Avengers themed Legos with Captain America and whatever those alien bad guys were called from the movie.

Carter went bonkers for them but even at four-and-a-half he really couldn’t put the very small ship and motorcycle together. He could handle the minifigs though.

As the dutiful Dad I put the three ships together and the kids loved them. While Carter and his sister played I fooled around and made a garage for Captain America’s motorcycle. I don’t consider myself a Lego geek but I played with them a lot as a kid and it seems it’s still in my system.

I think Legos are some of the better toys out there because of the ability to spark the imagination…but they’re not cheap. After two years of collecting Thomas the Tank Engine tracks, sets and trains I’m not looking forward to another expensive collection to fill the house. Plus it’s not easy to play with Legos on the carpet.

Do any other dads out there have advice or good stories for a family embarking on the Lego journey? I think an orginization system is soon in our future.