Philips Fidelio iPhone/iPad Speaker: Review

I’ve been looking for a portable speaker for outside for almost a year. Before heading to Pearl Jam 20 I figured I’d get one for tailgating. I didn’t review or research anything, I just headed into Best Buy figuring I’d take a blind pick.

Luckily when I got there most of their systems were plugged in and ready to use so I just plopped my iPhone into them and played The Life and Times “Tragic Boogie” and by far the Philips Fidelio sounded the best. It has some nice lows and mids and you can turn it up pretty loud without distortion which a lot of the other systems couldn’t do.

It was priced between the high and low-end systems -- $120 -- which was more than I wanted to spend, but I liked the slim factor and long battery life. It promised an iPhone app to add an equalizer but the reviews of the app were so bad I just play it without it.

It also charges either an iPhone or iPod. It’s a good thing too because I forgot our iPhone charger during our Pearl Jam weekend.

I use it now mostly when I’m working on the lawn, garage or car. I also use it in the kitchen when the kids are out when I’m cooking. But I could see it as being small enough to pack into a suitcase for a trip to the beach or lake.

*Blogger disclaimer: As stated above I purchased this with my own cash and am taking no advertising money from Philips nor have I even been contacted by a representative of the company.