When do the annoying toys end?

Saturday I took Carter to the toy store to pick up a reward for potty training. Yep, the boy is pooping without incident for about a month now (knock on wood). We have a little chart and every time he poops he gets a new sticker for the chart.

At the end of filling the chart Carter gets a prize. He has been pouring over the new Chuggington catalog (he reads them, and makes us read them to him too) for a few weeks and wanted the Musical Car that plays the Chuggington theme song music, sans lyrics.

We took the Nissan GT-R to the store after his nap. Well, he didn’t really nap, because he knew where we were going afterwards. So, he climbed in the back of the $100,000 sports car – he called it the blue Nissan race car – and headed to the store.

After about 20 minutes playing at the store with its duel Thomas and Chuggington train tables (otherwise known as “heaven”) we headed home. I had to open the Musical Car and Carter went right to town hitting the button that plays the song. He hit that button continuously for the entire ride home. Thus, this video.

Daddy was about to go insane by the end of the 20-minute ride.

I hope that when he hits action figure age the musical/electronic noise producing toys end. Do they? Please tell me they do.