How Daddy is Like Green Lantern

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen the new ‘Green Lantern’ movie and I probably won’t until it’s on HBO, like every other movie that’s come out for the past three+ years since Carter was born. But I read the comics and know Ryan Reynolds stars as the iconic Hal Jordon.

Reynolds is also taking up the charge to promote Nissan’s all-electric Nissan Leaf. Get it? Charge?

Well as many of you know I’ve been driving a Leaf my company purchased as a long-term test car months ago. Do I feel like a green superhero when it’s plugged into my two-car garage, wedged next to a mound of outdoor toys?

Not at all.

While the electric Leaf is a terrific vehicle, I’m mainly left with a feeling of wonder about the technology, not about the potential climate saving I might be doing by not driving a 500-hp muscle car home instead. That was a few weeks ago.

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Also, am I the only one who has no opinion on Ryan Reynolds? He’s kind of likable, but way too famous and good-looking to be likable so I’m at odds. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because he’s Canadian.