The Kids Are Moving Too Fast

A lot of times, all the time actually, folks tell me to enjoy the kids because they’ll "grow up so fast." I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that in the three and a half years since Carter was born.

Even when I’m out of town for just a few days the two kids seem bigger in size, more articulate with language and just plain cuter then when I left. So I guess that saying is apt.

But this spring and summer there has definitely been a huge change. I haven’t really noticed a big growth spurt but Carter and Evie have done something new so quickly it was overwhelming. Both kids are pedaling their big wheels and trikes. In the video above you see Carter still pushing his big wheel with his feet. That was in April. By early June he’s pedaling. Evie is clearly a fast study and is pedaling the trike she's able to reach.

Carter is also moving really fast into everything now. He used to be kind of hesitant but often surprises us like when we recently went to a park and he jumped into a paddle boat and just started moving.

Yesterday, I was delayed coming home from a business trip and decided to do a quick iMovie of the kids in motion, pasted above. It’s really only interesting to our family and friends…unless you want to see Carter finally enjoying one of Daddy’s test cars.