HBO GO iPad App Review: Why it sucks

I downloaded the HBO GO app yesterday, signed up with my DirecTV login pretty easily and was raring to go to test this new app.

Then I saw the stylish menu of the available original series, basically all of them, and thought “when am I going to have time to go through all of this?”

I mean I wanted this app to catch up on 'Game of Thrones', but I could also watch 'Boardwalk Empire', a show I kept meaning to watch last year. I still haven’t re-watched 'Deadwood' since it originally aired, and this summer this will likely be how I watch 'True Blood'. Right now I watch about 2-3 series exclusively on Hulu’s iPad app in bed after the wife is snoozing.

So I ask you this HBO: why have you delivered a well-designed app that will take up so much of my time?

Image blatantly borrowed from because I'm too lazy to do a screenshot right now. See, I really don't have much time these days.