Do You Still Use Those Cool iPhone Photo Apps?

As we took in a wonderful, sunny Memorial Day (after two days of crap Chicago-burb weather) the cameras came out. My wife shoots with our Canon G9, which produces amazing photos. Check out one below. I whip out my iPhone when not saving kids from certain doom caused by trike/water table/every toy on the ground.

In the past I’ve written about some cool photo apps for the iPhone but I rarely use them. I’ve found the one I still use the most is QuadCamera (above) because it captures the frenetic action that is living with a three and two-year-old rather well. I also shot an "8mm" video Monday, but don’t think it offers enough over the standard iPhone vid I shot. I’d also rather have the widescreen ratio without it to sync up to iMovie better.

I rarely if ever use Infinicam anymore, even for my car photo twitpics.

I’d definitely like to hear what others use and any first-hand reviews.