Daddy Drinking: Metropolitan Flywheel Light Lager

My first stab at the Metropolitan lineup is this “German inspired” beer. It was good, but a tad bitter for my taste, requiring a slice of lemon to make it more refreshing. It reminded me a bit of a Hefeweizen, which is an OK beer, but when I’m going the craft beer route, and spending the money to boot, I want something that doesn't taste so...German. Doh.

Granted, now that I know what it is, a very good version of a German beer, I’ll be prepared.

I shouldn’t be so conflicted over a beer that’s so straight-forward. OK, next up a six-pack of their Dynamo Copper Logger. Hopefully it’s more challenging.

Blogger disclaimer: I spend my own money on almost everything I review, including beer. I’ve never contacted or been contacted by the folks from Metropolitan and this post is just my poor tastebuds’ opinion.