Daddy Drinking: MGD 64 Lemonade

There have been a few things said and reported about MGD 64 Lemonade. It’s been marketed to female centric blogs and isn’t widely available for sale yet. I only just learned of it through my wife hunting for Weight Watcher friendly foods...and I guess drinks.

I have a connection inside Miller Coors so I secured a single bottle to test just recently. Before all the readers assail me for reviewing such a concoction there is a history for lemonade and beer err…concoctions.

A few years after moving to Chicago to marry my wife we went to a Fourth of July parade in her hometown of Palatine. A family friend was nearby and had gallon milk jugs filled with a yellowy drink. It was beer and lemonade…and a little vodka. It was the best thing you could have on a hot day watching a parade. Of course two red plastic cups of it knocked you on your ass.

MGD 64 Lemonade tastes the same but you could probably drink a dozen of them with little impact to the senses, it’s only 2.8% alcohol.

How does it taste? Think of pouring equal parts Mike’s Hard Lemonade and a MGD 64 into the same cup. That’s exactly what it tastes like. The mix takes out the hard bubbles of something like a Mike’s and some of the bitterness of a beer.

I often drink Corona or more often Miller Lite – never a Mike’s - when barbequing all day in the summer or going to a parade, but this might be a good alternative. It’s certainly refreshing and light…and I guess won’t impact the gut the same as even a Miller Lite.

My Beer Cred: I have none. I write beer, wine and spirit reviews as a casual consumer. Hopefully, I’m succinct enough that readers can grasp how I feel about any beverage. Everyone’s tastes vary.

Blogger Disclaimer: This is a rare instance a manufacturer actually supplied a drink, but I did go to them to “request” it.