Dove Men's 48-Hour Deodorant Review: Does it Stink?

My wife is a couponer. She’s not at the level of the folks you see on TV but I no longer shop for my own toiletries because she comes home some weeks with five sticks of deodorant and I’m set for a while. The same goes for mouthwash, body wash, toothpaste etc. I don’t have a say on the brand but the tagline on the Dove she brought home a week ago threw me for a loop. 48 hours?! That can’t be right. I've sweated through the strongest stuff out there, there's no way anything lasts for 48 hours.

This is about to get all too real so stop reading now if you don’t like shots of underarms…

First, I have to say I sweat a fair amount. I’ve used various prescription-strength deodorants and they do the job for a week or so before I need to switch to something else. It’s like my body gets used to it, builds up a tolerance and then sweats all over it.

The theory with a typical 24-hour prescription strength deodorant is you put it on at night and it’ll last the entire next day. I never do that, applying in the morning like a sane man.

But 48 hours? Surely I could apply at night. I took a shower after putting the kids to bed on Sunday and then applied before bed.

Getting ready for work the next morning I felt weird not reapplying, but this was for science, or at least the dozens of blog readers I have. I gave a sniff, it still smelled mountain fresh, and headed to work.

Around 1 p.m. I definitely felt the sweat against my undershirt and sure enough I had pit stains. The smell wasn’t awful, but there was a lot of wetness for a regular work day.
By the time I got home and took the above picture they had dried a little but now I smelled a bit ripe. Clearly 34 hours is too much for this stick, but really, how could anything last 48 hours?

Tuesday and Wednesday I applied in the morning after a morning shower like a normal person and went about my business. All three days I wore a dress shirt over an undershirt. On Tuesday and Wednesday though I didn’t have stains during the day and around 6 p.m. I couldn’t tell if it smelled fresh or not. I needed a second opinion.

This is where the deodorant test turned into a marriage test. The wife gave a sniff, rather unquestioningly, and didn't think it smelled either good (fragrant?) or bad (gym locker).

So there you have it. You can’t go 34 hours with this deodorant – if you have my exact body chemistry at least – but for a normal day it works just fine. I suggest finding a wife who knows how to coupon.

*Blogger disclaimer: My wife purchased this product using coupons and made a good deal, being on the hook for sales tax only. So it was nearly free, and kind of thanks to the manufacturer’s couponing policy, but we didn’t take anything directly from a marketer or manufacturer for this review. Take a smell of that objectivity.