Daddy Drinking: Bell's Hopslam Ale

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I was wandering around Binny's a few weeks back looking for a beer to mix in to my new Half Acre obsession when a clerk told me about this special edition from Bell's.

He sold me on it despite the crazy $15 price tag for six bottles.

Does it warrant such a price? Probably not, but it's a darn good beer. And at 10% alcohol it's incredibly smooth.

It's also not as hoppy as I was expecting with such a name. There's not a ton of carbonation either which is probably the most unique part of this ale in my opinion. Usually these types of brews are unbalanced, but this tastes like a brew they've worked on for a long time.

And having just swallowed the last drop of the first bottle, the alcohol definitely creeps up on you. Better check for typos...

Recommended for: casual beer snobs.