How Much Writing Has Social Sucked Out of You?

If you're like me, both your work and personal life have become more and more intertwined with social media.

At work, it's just become an outreach of promoting our content via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

But personally I've gotten much more involved with Facebook recently than ever before. Twitter I've always liked and kept separate accounts for personal and professional. I recently changed my personal Twitter handle to @DaveLikesCars.

However, for Facebook maintaining a work and personal account was much harder. I've recently switched tact though with Facebook's new Page structure.

Two weeks ago I created a "page" for David Thomas apart from the profile my friends and family see. It looks like a personal profile but is a Page so followers have to Like me instead of friend me.

That also means I can't like back a lot of the folks who like me because they're using personal profiles. But that's OK. I've always wanted to separate my work contacts from my friends and family and I don't really care to hear about the personal lives of professional contacts. Plus, what the hell type of small talk will we be able to have at cocktail parties and functions if we know everything via Facebook?

Still, there leaves the question of this blog.

I've shut down blogs before, and this blog itself was called something else entirely before changing to Dad Therapy.

But with all this posting to social media all day, I don't have much desire or will to blog much.

Any thoughts on how to prevent this? Should I just set up Dad Therapy to aggregate my Twitter feed? Should I try emailing posts in with pictures attached? It won't look as good but might be the way to go.

I use my iPad a lot at night, instead of sitting at the computer but find building a blog post pretty annoying on it. Perhaps, emailing a post with a picture attached would work best.