Is It Wrong To Take A Staycation From Your Children?

Every year my wife and I try to take the week between Christmas and New Years off to visit family or recover from visiting family and the holidays. This year we ended up with the entire week between the holiday with nothing to do and a week of daycare already paid for. What are two burnt-out parents to do?

You probably guessed it. We sent the kids to daycare all week and took the four workdays to ourselves. This involved a few projects around the house like taking down all the holiday decorations, laundry as well as some errands like returning some gifts, grocery shopping, dry cleaner. Routine stuff.

The wife and I also got to see a movie together — Young Adult with Charlize Theron, highly recommended — had lunch together four times and breakfast once, and even took a nap one afternoon. It was an extremely relaxing week but there’s a tinge of guilt because we still dropped the kids off all-day when they could’ve been home with us. However, all the places you’d take kids for the day like the Children’s Museum are packed this week. We saw a line at LegoLand out the door that probably equaled an hour wait.

Our kids at daycare basically play and do arts and crafts all day with their best friends. They love it there. It’s probably a better week for them there rather than spending it with us. Plus we have two long weekends on either end of the week to spend extra time with them.

OK, I’m done rationalizing, I’m ready for the stream of chastising from other parents in the comments…