No Assembly Required: A Christmas Miracle

I’m sure a lot of blogs are quiet this time of year and I apologize for not updating more after the burger-palooza of reviews.

In my house like many others we’re recovering from Christmas/Hanukah and the kids are back in school while the wife and I are taking a few days “off.”

The one thing I will say with my two kids at the ages they are it is amazing to see a bit of wonder at Christmas and all it entails. They obviously know Santa Claus brings them gifts and we did the mall Santa and asked and asked them over and over again what they wanted Santa to bring them.

Luckily, neither of these toys, or any others required ridiculous amounts of assembly by Santa’s top elf in our house, Daddy. A Thomas the Train set and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse set were pretty easy.

There weren’t even many gifts that required a screwdriver to remove form the package or to insert batteries. Crazy talk I know.

As for Hanukkah, it was interesting to see how the kids took to it. The first night I came home from work late and the kids came running up the steps to see me shouting “let’s light the candles!”

Christmas is pretty easy to get toddlers excited for. Hanukkah candles? That’s another story.

As another year winds down and the kids get older I hope we get this kind of excitement, unadulterated cuteness and just a hint of wonder for at least a few more years. Since I became too old for Santa myself, this truly was the best Christmas