Five Guys: Burger Joint Review for Dads

By far, the burger joint we’re most familiar with – and likely our readers – is Five Guys. Heck, the President eats there.

I’ve blogged about how many calories I’ve consumed before at Five Guys but the one thing I learned from my “research” into the other burger joints is that despite the greasy feeling of Five Guys’ food, can actually be better in terms of calorie count, but only on certain items.

When I used to go I would get the regular burger, or double patty, but now I get the single patty “Little Burger” with bacon and cheese. It’s just too filling to get a double, plus it’s harder to pick up in your hands and eat without making a complete mess of yourself. That’s also when you realize how thin the napkins are. But it’s a good burger even though it tastes greasy and the fries are probably the best of the three and always piping hot obviously.

The double will cost you 920 calories and 29.5 saturated grams of fat, much more than what you find at the other two places. Step down to a Little Bacon Cheeseburger and it’ll run you 630 calories and 18 grams of saturated fat or right in the ballpark of the other two joints.

There aren’t any special burgers either with fancy or spicy toppings. It’s a basic burger with 15 possible toppings all free with the order. I do like getting grilled onions though.

The fries are made fresh so that’s why it seems to take so long to get your order. They come in a huge cup and one order can easily feed two or three people. Which is good because half an order has 310 calories and 3 grams of saturated fat calories, but that far surpasses Meatheads and SmashBurger’s fries in terms of calories.

There isn’t a kids burger per se, they’ll have to get a Little Cheeseburger which has 550 calories and 15 grams of saturated fat, much more than Lil’ Meathead but on par with Smashburger’s Kids Smashburger. Plus they won’t be fighting over fries, there will be plenty of them to go around.

There are also no kid’s meals or meal options for parents, which impacts the wallet.

A dad-only visit will cost $11.70 and you’re stuck with way too many fries. A family of four with two Little Cheeseburgers and two regular cheeseburgers and two orders of regular fries and four drinks (no kids drinks available) will run you around $35 the most expensive of the three with Smashburger winning on price.

The Winner?
It’s a tough call to say which of the three is the best but I think because of the options for the kids and the menu variety I’d go with either Meatheads or Smashburger with the family. And if it’s just me, I’m going to Meatheads because I leave the place not feeling like I just finished an episode of Man Vs. Food.