My Daugter Will Be A Great Driver

Sunday I took the kids to the grocery store in the morning to check an errand off the family’s to-do list as Courtney hit the gym for a spinning class. I had a light list thankfully because Evie (2) wanted to push the little carts they have for kids while Carter was content to sit in the racing car cart that would fit two kids had Evie been so accommodating.

So there I am with one kid sitting in the cart in front of me and the other behind me pushing a little cart that routinely bangs me in the ankles and often runs into other shoppers. As we turned one corner around an aisle Evie almost bumps into a woman and her cart.

The 60-something woman then made the remark “future bad woman driver!” with a big smile, like it was cute. I didn’t know what to say and I think my face showed part disbelief and part anger.

My daughter is going to be an awesome driver thank you very much.

Not only do I spend time driving cars as part of my job with some track and hazard avoidance courses thrown in over the years, but the girl’s mother is a pretty good driver too. I never have to hold onto the grab handle in fear and she routinely corrects me on routes and traffic.

Evie is going to get relentless instruction on how to drive and hopefully both of my kids will be excited about cars by the time they’re 16. I read stories all the time how the current generation of teenagers isn’t as excited about driving as we were. But we’ve already taught Carter that he has to be 16 to drive and we get a kick when he reminds us of that fact. He’s long known every automaker by logo too.

I retold the story about the grocery store to Courtney and she didn’t quite understand my level of angst.

Later that day, we hit the mall for Santa photos and the kids were attracted to two outdated driving video games that were in the middle of a row of shops. Daddy worked the pedals and the kids steered. Evie loved it and wrenched the wheel from me whenever I touched it.

OK, maybe she won’t be so easy to teach... but she’s not going to fit into some outdated stereotype either.