Daddy Drinking: Dogfish Faithfull Ale

Many special edition brews sell out quickly, but none in recent memory have had the hype of Dogfish’s tribute to Pearl Jam, Faithfull Ale. Named after the song “Faithful” from the band’s best album Yield, the 750 mL bottle is hard to find.

Luckily, my sources in Pearl Jam-dom and alcohol delivered unto me a two cases of the stuff this week. I was able to crack open a bottle last night before heading out to the LA Auto Show.

I haven’t read many reviews of the beer myself because I knew it was on the way and I was going to have a lot of it. So if it was going to be bad – as alluded to in Pearl Jam fan forums – I wanted to be ignorant to it.

First, I was surprised at just how light the color was. It is a true amber with a decent amount of carbonation and head.

At first sip I immediately noted some sweetness and it definitely tasted familiar to me.

It’s a light beer that you don’t typically see in these special editions. Every time one comes out I feel like it’s trying to be as heavy as possible. Not here. This is a beer even a casual beer drinker like my wife would enjoy, and she did.

After a pint of the Faithfull Ale I started to feel a good tingling in my molars, a combination of the high alcohol count and that sweetness.

Half way through my second glass I figured out why it tastes so familiar.

Faithfull Ale tastes a lot like a Fat Tire.

Is $12.50 for 750 mL too much for a more powerful Fat Tire? Sure. But how often do you get a brew custom made for your favorite band of the past twenty years?